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20k (Honeywell) Thermistor does not work on a SmartStruxure IO Module


When using the 20k (Honeywell) thermistor type on a SmartStruxure IO Module, the temperature value does not change and reads an inaccurate value.


  • Workstation
  • IO Module


The 20k (Honeywell) thermistor type does not work properly in IO module firmware versions 2.009 and older.


The IO module firmware must be upgraded to the latest version. To check the firmware version of an IO module, see the below. For instructions on how to download the latest firmware version into an IO module, see Lessons Learned Article #17215.

SmartStruxure firmware can be downloaded off of The Exchange Download Center.


How to Check an IO Module Firmware Version

  • To check the firmware version in the IO module, select the module in the System Tree. Click on the "Properties" tab and look for the Firmware version.
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