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32 bit write values are not writing correctly


32 bit values are not written correctly to a Modbus device





When a modbus AO is created and set to 32 bit real swapped. The correct value is not seen at the modbus device.

1000 is written and 1000 is shown correctly at the modbus device.

1001, 1002, 1003 are written but 1000 is seen at the modbus device.

1004 is written and 1004 shows correctly at the modbus device.

and so forth, larger the number,  larger the error increase.


When 32 bit real swapped is selected  .

Further down the configuration page, the write function code defaults to "06". 06 is set a single 16 bit register write and this needs to be changed.

Use the  drop down tab and set the function code to "16". 16 is to preset multiple registers  i.e.. 2 off consecutive 16 bit registers or a 32 bit register. 

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