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7770, 7771, 7797, 7801 TAP replacement hardware.


7770, 7771, 797, 7801 TAP replacement needed with existing system.


Existing TAC I/NET Seven environment


The 7771 was the first generation ICI that the 7797 platform replaced. The 7771 was built on the old 7801 tap hardware where was the 7798 was built on the 7790 MRI platform. Neither of which are supported or available to purchase anymore. System upgrade for more capabilities or capacity, or hardware failure


For the 7801 tap hardware, the Xenta 527 would be a suggested choice for replacement.

For the remaining TAPs, the Xenta 913 would be a direct replacement.

The TAC Xenta 913 is a cost-effective way to integrate a large variety of products into a TAC network. The TAC Xenta 913 supports the most commonly-used open protocols, like Modbus, BACnet and LonWorks. It also supports some manufacturer-specific protocols, like I/NET and Clipsal C-bus. The TAC Xenta 913 acts as a gateway and transfers data point values from one network to another. Configuration is carried out using the TAC XBuilder programming tool.

For more info including the documentation, manuals, and datasheets, visit the Schneider Electric Extranet at the following link, which guide you to the replacement for the ICI.

TAC Vista > Technical Documentation > Specifications Sheets

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