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7798C stops communicating after BIN file download


Electrostatic Discharge Required: Always discharge static electricity from your person by touching metal prior to handling any hardware. Failure to do so may result in damage to devices.


  • 7798C stops communicating after BIN file download
  • Is the 7798C supported in the older versions of I/NET Seven (1.14 and below).
  • How to reset the 7798C hardware (i.e. place into boot mode) if no communication is possible with the 7798C   


I/NET Seven 1.14 and lower



I/NET revision 1.14 and lower does not support 7798C and can mistakenly be assumed by the I/NET Host software as a 7798B.  If a software restore is completed to the 7798C with these revisions it disables the device from communicating via the Controller LAN and disable any communication via the serial port with the Hand Held Console (HHC) software.  


If you have downloaded the incorrect BIN file (i.e. 7798) to the 7798C, the hand held console software will not work and hence the device can not be placed back into a boot state allowing the correct BIN file to be restored to the 7798C

If the serial port is sill configured / enabled for direct connection via the onboard TAP, this is the easiest solution to try and attempt software restore to blank out 7798C with the correct BIN file.

If either of these options are not available, the following steps can be performed very carefully directly on the hardware:

  1. Very Important:  Make sure you turn OFF the power to the 7798C unit. If you fail to remove power, this process could damage the board.  If unsure please contact Product Support
  2. On the top edge of the board is the EPROM just below are two RAM chips.
  3. Between the EPROM and the two RAM chips are two mustard colored capacitors (Labeled C2 & C3)
  4. If you short across each Capacitor, one at a time, this will take the device to boot.
  5. If you still continue to have issues with the device, it is recommended to send the 7798C in for repair.

Once the device is communicating again it is possible to restore the correct firmware to the 7798C.  At this point you should be using I/NET Seven revision 1.17 or above.

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