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A LON-USB adapter is configured as LON2 on a laptop. Can that address be used in a Niagara R2 station running the LonWorks Service on the same laptop?


A LON -USB adapter is configured as LON2 on a Windows laptop.  Several efforts were made to modify its address to LON1 but to no avail.  Running a Niagara R2 station on a laptop, with the LonWorks Service, defaults to using LON1 for the interface. 

Can LON2 be used instead?


Niagara R2


Unable to modify the adaptor's LON address


In the Admin Tool, modify the file located on the Installation tab.
Change the line "lon.deviceName=LON1" to "lon.deviceName=LONx"      where x = new port number.
Restart the station.

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