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A Network 8000 GCM / LCM displays the error "Insufficient System RAM" and can no longer be accessed via the front panel display or via the serial ports with XPSI softwa...


A GCM / LCM stops working and displays the error message "Insufficient System RAM".  It no longer responds to information requests via the front panel keyboard/display nor via XPSI software connected on either of the available serial ports.

A power cycle restores functionality but only for a limited amount of time (ie: hours or days).


Network 8000

GCM-84000 series
GCM-86000 series

LCM-84000 series
LCM-85000 series
LCM-88000 series


Free system ram drops below minimum requirements:
Any GCM with sys ram below 18k
Any LCM with sys ram below 10k


The amount of free system ram must be kept above minimum requirements.

Use Tech Bulletin 95-33 for troubleshooting the GCM / LCM.  It is a comprehensive guide providing both hardware and software suggestions that will increase free system ram.

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