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A Niagara G3 ENC station has two ASD networks. How can the Tunnel Name be changed?


A Niagara G3 ENC station has two ASD networks. How can the Tunnel Name be changed?


Niagara G3 ENC


The current version of the ASD driver does not allow editing of the Identifier (Tunnel name) field. However, the tunnel can be configured to be enabled or disabled via a Boolean object.


In order to enable or disable the tunnel via a Boolean object, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Wire Sheet of the AsdNetwork
  2. Go to the Slot Sheet for the Tunnel Object
  3. Right-click on the "enabled" property, and choose Config Flags
  4. Check the Operator, Summary, and Default On Clone boxes. Click Ok
  5. Go back to the Wire Sheet of the AsdNetwork, and add a Boolean Writable and a Status Boolean to Boolean object
  6. Link the Out value of the Boolean Writable to the In value of the Status Boolean to Boolean
  7. Link the Out value of the Status Boolean to Boolean to the "Enabled" slot of the Tunnel object
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