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A Niagara R2 UNC-510 will not perform a "save runtime db" command.


Attempting to make programming changes to a Niagara R2 UNC-510 station.  After the changes are done, performing a backup fails.  The "save runtime db" does not complete.


Niagara R2 UNC-500, UNC-510


The backup process (save runtime db command) requires free memory on the smart media card.  There must be enough free memory to (at least) equal the size of the .sns file.

The smart media card (listed as '/sm' on the Summary tab of the Admin Tool) holds the station database (.sns file), graphic images, and other files accessible using the Remote Library.

The table below summarizes flash drive volumes and usages by model.  Note that a jace in the table is a UNC.

Refer to the Niagara Capacities Engineering Notes for more information.


  1. Access the Remote Library via Workplace Pro and delete unnecessary files. 
  2. As files are removed, monitor the Free File Space on the Summary tab in Admin Tool. 
  3. When the '/sm' increases a few kilobytes, try performing a 'save runtime db'. 

If the command is successful, then the free file space created is adequate. 
If it does not, repeat steps 2 and 3 until it is.

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