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A Niagara R2 UNC fails to start with a Fatal Error: Station not licensed - Invalid digital signature.


A new Niagara R2 UNC was installed with a license.  The license installed correctly.  After a reboot, the station failed to start.  The standard output window displayed a fatal error as illustrated below:


Niagara R2


Certain foreign characters are not recognized by Tridium's License Generator.  In this case, a French character (with a symbol above the letter) was used in the customerSite name.  When the license was generated, the French character converted to a question mark (?):

customerSite=Rotondle des S?urs

The ? symbol is not recognized by Niagara.  So, when the UNC was rebooted, it read the license file and stopped when it came to the customerSite name.


Contact the factory to have the license modified.

After the license (above) was corrected by the factory, the customerSite line looked like this:

customerSite=Rotondle des Seurs

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