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A Niagara R2 UNC will not keep time accurately. On startup, the standard output window indicates an error loading the timezones.txt file.


A Niagara R2 UNC will not keep time accurately.  The time doesn't just drift a few seconds.  It is jumping around by hours.  Trying to change the time in the Admin Tool does not work.  The following error appears in the standard output window on startup of the UNC:  ERROR: Cannot load /tffs/rel//nre/lib/timezones.txt

---------- Station Starting:   THU FEB 28 14:41:44 2013 ----------
ERROR: Cannot load /tffs/rel//nre/lib/timezones.txt
Tridium Niagara Station, r2.301.532.v1 [B_Floor_1]
MESSAGE: ErrorLogService installed [/B_Floor_1/services/ErrorLogService]
GcmCommService Revision 2.304.532.v1
Start service: ControlEngineService [19] ControlEngineService
Start service: UiEngineService [20] UiEngineService
Start service: NotificationService [2] NotificationService
Start service: LogService [21] LogService
Start service: AuditLogService [22] AuditLogService
Start service: ErrorLogService [23] ErrorLogService
Start service: TimeSyncService [26] TimeSyncService
Start service: LonWorksService [28] LonWorksService
Opened lon / LON1
>>> Lon Driver opened!
Start service: GcmCommService [24] GcmCommService
Comm Ports:
  COM1 (serial)
  COM2 (serial)
  COM3 (serial)
  COM4 (serial)
  COM5 (serial)
  COM6 (serial)
Start service: VserialService [25] VserialService
MESSAGE: Station started successfully. (HTTP port=80) [/B_Floor_1]


Niagara R2


Corrupt timezones.txt file


The timezones.txt file is corrupt.  Copy and paste the contents of this file from a functional UNC and paste it into the problem UNC.

The timezones file can be accessed via the Admin Tool dropdown menu.

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