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A Niagara R2 station with a LON integration, running on a laptop, will not communicate with controllers connected via an Echelon USB-LON adapter.


A jobsite does not have a UNC.  A laptop running a Niagara R2 station with the LonWorks Service is used to manage the peer-to-peer LON bindings.  In admin tool, the station says it is running but the MNL controllers are not communicating.


Niagara R2


The same laptop is installed with WorkPlace Tech and it is configured for LON communications using the same adapter as the Niagara station.

A conflict exists with these two programs trying to use the same adapter for LON communications.  In most cases, the adapter is assigned an address of LON1.


Close WorkPlace Tech or re-configure the communications setup so that LON1 is not used.

Re-start the Niagara station.  LON1 will now be available to the station.  To confirm this, look for the following lines in the standard output window:

LON Card Resetting!!
LON Card reset complete!!
Opened lonworks LON1
>>> Lon Driver opened!


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