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A Niagara R2 station won't open: Requestclient.handshake [serverSessionId=3] Station=josh [0] Station


A Niagara R2 station listed under localhost won't open.  In the fui.exe console window, this message appears:

Requestclient.handshake [serverSessionId=3]
Station=josh [0] Station

The station never opens.


Niagara R2 station


This behavior is caused by McAfee Security Centers Proxy Service.


Disable the proxy service and reboot the computer. Follow the steps below to disable this service:

  1. Open the Windows services - (Click on Start - Run - then type service.msc)
  2. Scroll down to the McAfee Proxy service.
  3. Disable this service by right-clicking on the service - select properties - change the startup type to disabled.
  4. Reboot the computer.

This should allow the station to run correctly on the localhost.

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