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A method to export Access Events to file to then be imported into a third party system.


Need to export Access Events automatically to a file format that a third party system can then import. This needs to be triggered at a set interval such as once a day.


Continuum Access Control


Events can be exported from Continuum using a Listview of AccessEvents and then exporting to .CSV format file but this needs to be setup and manually run by the user. There does not appear to be an automatic method to get the same results from a listview into a file format.


There is a method that can be used to export AccessEvent data to an external file without user intervention. The file format will be in HTML or XML format.

A file format of XML is the obvious choice as it is usually easier for third party systems to import from an XML format.

To do this, you will need to:

  1. Create a Report object with a Datasource set to "AccessEvents" or "Listview". These would then be configured with the AccessEvent attributes that you want to export.
  2. Once the desired Report is created, configure it so that it is run automatically using Windows Scheduled Events and the ReportCmdLine.exe application that is available for this purpose. See the article here for detailed steps on how to set this up.
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