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A method to save array information to the Database so that when reloaded the array values are restored instead of lost.


When reloading array points (a numeric configured as a manual log) the array values are not restored and default back to a NULL state until set. How can this information be saved into the Database so that it can be restored when the controller or point is reloaded?


Continuum Cyberstation

Continuum Controllers


All the array values are not saved to the Database when the setpoint flag on the numeric is set, this will only save the current value of the numeric to the database. The array entries are only stored in the controller and are therefore lost when the controller is reloaded.


The SAVE command can be used to save controllers / objects to the database. This can be used in a PE program to backup a points array data to the SQL Database. One very big note on this is that this will only work with IP level controllers and will not work on i2 or b3 controllers.

Create a Program in a Workstation and use the following command to save, and overwrite, a numeric (including it's array information) to the database. For more information on the syntax consult the on-line help and search for "SAVE".

SAVE \network1\ctrl1\num_array -o

You still need to ensure the Setpoint flag check box is selected for the numeric array.


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