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A multiple page application file created with WorkPlace Tech 5.8.0 or 5.8.1 prints with page numbers 0 of 0 on all pages.


When printing a multiple page application, i.e., an application consisting of a device definition and one or more custom object pages, all pages are numbered 0 of 0.


WorkPlace Tech Tool release 5.8.0 or release 5.8.1


The title block stencil script created in WorkPlace Tech release 5.8.0 or release 5.8.1 does not execute properly resulting in all pages showing "Page 0 or 0".


Update to WorkPlace Tech Tool release 5.8.2. 

Note that upgrading will not automatically correct the issue in application files created with release 5.8.0 or release 5.8.1.  Use the following procedure to correct the issue in application files created with those releases of the WorkPlace Tech Tool software.

  1. Open the application using WPT 5.8.2.
  2. Select the "Background" page of the drawing.
  3. Press Ctrl-A to select everything on the page then press the Delete key to delete everything from the page.
  4. Select the "Annotation" style sheet (stencil page).
  5. Drag a new copy of the "Schneider Electric Border" stencil onto the page.
  6. Drag a new copy of the "Controller Info Block" stencil onto the page.  This block is normally placed in the lower left corner of the drawing.
  7. Save the updated application file.
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