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A properly configured Out Of Range Alarm does not alarm when point value falls outside of range.


 A temperature input will not go into alarm when it's value falls outside of the temperature range specified in its associated Out of Range alarm.

When changes are made to the input (requiring the input to be saved) either of the following errors is displayed.

  • The object attribute specified is invalid.
  • The referenced attribute for an out of range or floating limit alarm must be either a REAL or smaller numeric type.


  • Alarm Enrollment
  • Event Notification
  • Alarms


While the High and Low limit parameters appear to be whole numbers, one or more of the values are either corrupted or of an incorrect data type.


  1. Record the parameters specified in the Algorithms page of the Alarm Enrollment.
  2. Clear the values in the Out of Range parameters by changing the alarm type to Expression.
  3. Apply the changes.
  4. Change the Alarm Type back to Out of Range.
  5. Enter the alarm parameters recorded in step one.
  6. Apply the changes and test.
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