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A "500: Internal Server Error" when clicking on a hyperlink in a G3 station.


Getting a “500: Internal Server Error” when clicking on hyperlink in G3 station. The following error is also displayed in the Application Director window:

javax.baja.naming.SyntaxException: Illegal char '?' in body: /ord?file:^gfx_Lib/www/nav.htm
javax.baja.naming.SyntaxException: Illegal char '?' in body: /ord?file:^gfx_Lib/www/Top.htm

The last part of the file path after "file:" will be different based on your station's file structure.



Niagara G3, version 3.8.37


A second “/” mark was being added to the hyperlinks’ paths in the htm file.  In this case, hyperlinks in the Top.htm file are the culprit.

The Hyperlinks read:

To date, Tridium has not determined how the second slash gets added.


The solution is to find out which htm file contains the error and correct it. Use WorkBench’s Text File Editor to examine the htm file to find the error. 

- Open the station’s Files folder 
- Right-click on the htm file and select “Text File Editor”
- Once the htm file is found that contain the error, remove all second slashes. 
    Change <a href="/ord/?...
    To          <a href="/ord?... (removed the second “/”)
- Save changes and reopen page in new browser

Note: There may be a need to clear all caches. 

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