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ACX5720/40 card readers stop working after firmware uprev.


After a controller firmware uprev all the doors stop processing card swipes, when a cardholder presents the access card, the door does not unlock nor any type of access event (valid or invalid) is sent by the controller.





The error log will show errors 0x2804 (Vref out of tolerance) and 0x4433 (DEVICE_ERR_COMMSEQ)

0x4433 is an error that indicates communications between the Texas Instrument MSP430 processor that reads the card swipes and the main ColdFire processor is out of sync.

The root cause of the problem is under investigation per defect QC466


After the uprev when the controller is in the described state follow the steps below to recover...

-From the controller's web page configuration, clear the database backup, commit the changes and re-start the controller.

-After the controller has re-started, remove the battery's connector from the socket then power down the controller.

-Wait a minute

-Power up the controller then once online perform a reload from CyberStation and then a backup to flash.

-Re-connect the battery.

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