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AMT Event message definitions


AMT Event Messages




AMT messages are used to diagnose certain system problems. This table can be used to interpret data when an alarm comes in, or needs to be acknowledged, the user can easily reference what is going on.

This table was taken from TCON300.  This TCON is updated regularly, so to view the version which works best with your release of I/NET, select START>All Programs>I/NET>Technical Reference Guide. Look on page 3-26.


Note: Most AMT Message "Event Types" are appended with the I/NET Users initials as defined in the Host Passwords.  It is also possible to see the "root" user name appear here, this is when you are using a Xenta Server that is controlling points in the I/NET system.  For example you may see the term "Control root" under the Event Type column.  This indicates that the associate I/NET point has been control by a Xenta Server.  

Use this table to interpret AMT messages


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