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ARCNET Cable Requirements.


ARCNET Cable Requirements.


Sigma 4.05 and earlier versions.

V53 and ARM7 Processor Boards.


Sigma ARCNET Network cabling advice.


The following Sigma Cabling Guide should be followed when installing an ARCNET network for Sigma: Sigma Cabling Guide 2.2

Network biasing and earthing arrangements will be required and further information about cabling can be found in the following guides:

For V53 Processor Boards (UNC496, 596, UNC532, DNN and IC integration controllers): Sigma Configuration Guide - Chapter 26a

For ARM7 Processor Boards (UNC696, 796 & UNC632): Sigma Configuration Guide - Chapter 32Sigma Configuration Guide - Chapter 31

For ARM7 Processor Boards (DNN3 Decentralised Network Node): Sigma Configuration Guide - Chapter 33

For ARM7 Processor Boards (IC3 Integration Controller): Sigma Configuration Guide - Chapter 34

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