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AS independent of ES


Can the AS, work independently or together without an ES


StruxureWare Building Operation site, any version


Are bindings or other communication between two AS possible if there is no ES? 


The AS, is designed to work independently or in conjunction with others, or in conjunction with an ES. 

Points, Bindings, Schedules, etc. can be setup on the AS using the Workstation. With the ES service stopped, the Points, Bindings, etc. on the AS continue to reflect the values on themselves or if the Bindings interlink between multiple ASs. 

For multiple AS configuration check the AS are listed in the Communication tab of each other. From your workstation highlight the AS and the tabs shown are List View, Device Discovery, Date & Time, Communication, and Properties. Under Communication the other AS devices should be listed as well as the ES.

For information on a Automation Server alone at a site and licensing requirements, see Lessons Learned article 12125

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