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Accdataservices crash when 3rd party bacnet devices have trend logs unconfigured


Enabling Extended Log with 3rd parth trend logs crashes the Continuum Workstation


Continuum  1.94 SP1

Windows XP, Server 2003,2008

Windows 7



When extended log was enabled an accdataservices error may be received after a period of time..


Some Third Party Equipment  has built in trend logs.

Even thou these logs may not be needed they're configured by default and may not be able to be deleted.

When the trend log buffer is full they try to send the buffered data down to the Cyber and SQL server.

Am AccdataService error can generate because the Event enrollments and event notification was not configured.

1. Disable or disconnect the 3rd party device

2. Edit the Trend logs and set LogInterval, RecordCount RecordsSinceNotifcation and RecordsDownloaded to 0.

This will stop the trend log from downloading to the database.

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