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Access Events delivery stopped after work well for a long time


The Access Events delivery works well for a long time; However from a special time point, the Access Events delivery stopped  and no access event can be traced after that time.


  • Continuum 1.81 and above
  • Windows XP SP3
  • CX9900/9940
  • AC-1


If the time  is not synchronized in Continuum, it may cause issues like below:

  • Several seconds time difference between workstations and controllers will result in some issue, such as lost extendedlogs, Access Events and etc.
  • More than 3 minutes time difference will result in extendedlogs and access events stopped delivery to the workstations


  1. Create an time synchronization program as a fallthru program on anyone workstation in the system, and has the "Run on any workstation" checked,
  2. Triggered this program by analog value "hour" on the workstation
  3. After the program run, make sure all the CX /ACX controllers and workstations has the same value in "Date" exactly .
  4. Open the editor of each workstations in the system, click "Teach" then select "Device Teach"
  5. Present your access card in the front of reader, check the access events listview or Access events tab on the door editor to make sure the new access events come in.
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