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Access Expert Device Administrator


Where to go and download the application


Server 2012

SQL 2012 and above

Premise Install V2

Hosted V2

Applet V3


There is no doumentation on where to go to download the Device Administrator and how to program the SSC to communicate with the selected application.


The following steps describe where to go and donwload the software and how to use it to program an SSC:

1. Open up an IE Browser and go to the url listed

2. In the search field type Device Administrator

3. Select the AccessXpert Device Administrator and download to any location

4. Browse to location and double click execute to run and install the program

5. Accept Agreement and click next to contnue installation

6. Click Next to start installing the software

7. Select the location where the file will be installed

8. Successfully loaded software 

9. To complete installation, click on Finish

10. Connect the device to a network switch that is open to the internet and launch the application by opening AccessXpert device Administrator from the Schneider Electric group in All Programs

11. Launch the application 

12. RIght click on the usb line or click on the green arrow to the top left to upgrade the software

13. Once upgraded successfully, Right click again on the line and select properties then select the Ethernet 1 ConfigurationTab

14. Select applicable choice whether it is DHCP or Static addressing being used and click on OK.

15. Once the device comes back Online, select the DIP Switches Tab and check the box for Default User

17. Using the IP address given from step number 13, open up IE and browse to that address

18. Once opened configure the SSC per Knowledge Base article # 19092

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