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Access specific variables in the Xenta 511/527 via HTML


Access specific variables in the Xenta 511/527 via HTML.


  • Xenta 511
  • Xenta 527
  • HTML


View certain values inside the 511 without accessing a graphic page within the device.


Individual variables can be accessed using html addresses in a 511/527 if you use the following address:



  • x.x.x.x = IP address of the unit
  • Variable = name of the variable being referenced
  • UID = User Id
  • PW = Password

If you are already logged into the 511/527 or wish to use the address in a link page then leave off the &UID=x,PW=y part.

In order to identify the name of the variables available, consult the SB_ProjectTree.gz which is a compressed XML file containing the project. It is located in the TargetImage\ConfigDb subdirectory of your project directory.

Use the value field in the xml section for the signal you wish to reference as seen in the below example:

NOTE: This can not be done with a 527-NPR since it does not contain any of this information

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