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AdaptiApps - How many connections can be used


How many AdaptiApps clients can SmartStruxure support




The limitation for concurrent EWS (Ecostruxure Web Service) connections to a SmartStruxure server is not clearly described


It should be possible to use as many AdaptiApps clients as there are rooms configured.
The connections to AS and ES is dependent on how many  widget that is used

You can find all available documentation on the Exchange Community

Refer to the "AdaptiApps v1.x Current Offer Overview (integrator) presentation" document

Another note that is true for 1.6 but will change when AS-P comes

Limitation are linked to the number of communication channel open simultaneously between AdaptiApps and SmartStruxure.
Thus, if each Widget has its own communication channel, on a AS, we are limited to 10 (and it will obviously depend of the refresh rate)
We implemented a optimization layer which concentrate all Widget communication within a single channel with SBO.
With this new method, on AS-P ( new generation of AS that will be release soon) and AdaptiApps V1.2.2 (that will also be release soon and which is Cyber Secure), we are able to connect up to 24 AdaptiApps project par controllers

With ES, this limitation is much higher.. and will depend of the PC resources

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