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Adding 3rd Party BACnet devices to StruxureWare Building Operation


How to add 3rd party BACnet devices (including Viconics devices) to StruxureWare Building Operation Automation Server (AS)


StruxureWare Building Operation AS-B (all versions)


Integration to an existing BACnet network.


In order to learn and add the 3rd party BACnet devices, do the following:

  1. In the AS, right-click on the MSTP Network, then select New > BACnet device
  2. In the Create Object > BACnet device window, type the name of the 3rd party device, then click Next
  3. In the Basic Settings window, select the "Upload from BACnet device" button.  In the Instance ID field, type in the instance number (device ID) of the device, then click Create
  4. After a few seconds, the device will appear in the tree under the selected MSTP network.  The 3rd party device is now available for BACnet interoperability

NOTE: To bring in the objects in the newly created device, right-click on it in the tree, then click "Upload"

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