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Adding LoytecSrv (Loytec NIC) as a dependency to Enterprise Server (ES).


  • Configured Loytec LConfig application as a service but still do not get communication from the LonWorks Network.
  • Not able to get Service pin from LON devices connected with Loytec NIC from Enterprise Server


  • Enterprise Server 1.1
  • Loytec NIC852 (LConfig Tool)
  • Windows 7


  1. LConfig tool version is too old.
  2. The LConfig tool, even if set to start as a service, also still needs to start before the Enterprise Server (ES), otherwise the Enterprise Server fails to establish its connection with the LonWorks interface. For information on how to set LConfig to run as a service refer to Lessons Learned Article #7522.


To rectify the cause1, click here to verify if the LConfig version is the most recent one. If not please download the most recent NIC - LOYTEC Network Interface Software.

To rectify the cause 2,  you must set the Loytec (LConfig) application service to be a dependency of the Enterprise Server (ES), to do this follow these instructions:

  1. Using RegEdit (or similar) edit the Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\StruxureWare 1.1 Enterprise Server

    NOTE: For SmartStruxure version 1.3 and above, go to path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Building Operation 1.3 Enterprise Server
  2. Locate and edit the DependOnService string
  3. Add the text LoytecSrv (service name for the LConfig application).

  4. Close the editor and reboot the PC

Note: When running the LConfig as a service the LConfig Tool is not available from the System Tray and must be started from the program shortcut, located under Start > Programs>   LOYTEC Network Interfaces> LConfig

As a quick visual check, to see if configured correctly, you can perform a LonWorks Device Discovery on your Enterprise Server, this will show the NIC which has been defined with a red box (see image below).  If these are all blue then you will not be able to receive any communications from your devices.  Also remember if using the Loytec LIP devices that these should be configured in Smart Mode. 

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