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Adding Older Unifact Pro Range With BB*2 Firmware to VisiSat


The standard opened Unifact Pro stencil provides items for BB83 range of Unifact Pro controllers and does not provide items for older Unifact Pro range.


NCP Palm

Unifact Pro


As standard the automatically open stencils do not provide items for the older BB*2 Unifact Pro range.


The current range of Unifact Pros are presented in the standard Unifact Pro stencil.

The obsolete Unifact Pro range (BB*2) are not presented in this stencil, a different stencil needs to be added, to provide the older BB*2 Unifact Pros, before there available to use on the drawing.

Visio 2003/2007

  1. Goto the Visio menu
  2. Click “File”
  3. Click “Stencil”
  4. Click “Open Stencil”
  5. Navigate to “C:\Satchwell\Binary\VisiSat\EN\Visio”
  6. Select the “Obsolete.vss” stencil

You will then have the opertunity to choose one of the older range of Unifract Pro controllers.

Visio 2010

  1. Under shapes click "More Shapes"
  2. Click “Open Stencil”
  3. Navigate to “C:\Satchwell\Binary\VisiSat\EN\Visio”
  4. Select the “Obsolete.vss” stencil


These stencils are installed during the VisiSat installation process.
If for whatever reason your computer no longer has this file, to save you reinstalling VisiSat, you can download a copy of the VisiSat 2.1 Build 196 (200, 201) obsolete stencil from here.
You can store the stencil anywhere on your system and use it, VisiSat's default storage locations is under “C:\Satchwell\Binary\VisiSat\EN\Visio”

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