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Adding an LNS Network to an XBuilder Project


Cannot select LNS Database in Explorer after Browsing to the desired database. Can click on the LNS Database but it doesn't do anything. Correct way to add LNS Network to an XBuilder Project.


  • XBuilder
  • Xenta Server
  • LNS Network


Selecting an LNS network to add to an XBuilder project requires dragging and dropping the LNS network object rather than just clicking it


  1. In the Network pane of XBuilder expand the Xenta 5XX / 7XX / 9XX device to locate the LON port object. Right click the LON port object and select Insert Network from LNS... to open the TAC LNS Explorer.
  2. Drag the TAC LNS Explorer window to make the LON port object in the Network pane of XBuilder visible.
  3. In the TAC LNS Explorer select the File menu and select Open > Local LNS Networks. (This is assuming that the LNS network is on the local computer.)

  4. Identify the desired LNS network and click and drag it from the TAC LNS Explorer to the LON port object in the Network pane of XBuilder. The LNS network will then populate below the LON port object.

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