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Adding routers and moving devices in an existing LonMaker installation.


 Routers and Channels must be added in the proper order to successfully move devices.


  • LonMaker
  • Vista
  • TP/FT10


LonMaker will only allow devices to be moved to a location on the network that has an established communications path to the Network Interface. Attempting to do so will result in LonMaker denying the request to move the device. 


This example consists of a network containing L-IP Ethernet to TP/FT-10 Router (LIP) with a single TP/FT-10 Channel (FT10) and six devices. (Device 1-6). The topology and hardware used in a LonMaker network can vary greatly but the same technique should be followed to successfully insert routers, channels, and move devices around in the network.

  1. 2 TP/FT-10 to TP/FT-10 routers (LPR10_1-2) will be placed on the existing TP/FT-10 Channel
  2. Drag the Channel Stencil onto the drawing and designate it as a TP/FT-10 Channel.
  3. Drag the appropriate Router Stencil into the drawing.
  4. The New Router Wizard will then allow you to name the Router (LPR10_1)and designate the Near/Far side Channels. Channel A (near side) is designated on the old FT10 channel and LPR1 Channel B (far side) is designated on the new FT10_1 Channel.

  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for LPR2. which will result in the following

  6. The original TP/FT-10 Channel can now be renamed to represent the FT10 Backbone.
  7. Select devices to be moved onto the new FT10_ 1 and FT10_2 channels.
  8. Right Click each device and select "Move Device > Change Channel".  (Device1)
  9. In the Channel Select Wizard, Change the Destination Channel to the Desired new Channel. (FT10_1)

  10. Repeat for Devices 2-5 on the FT Backbone to the desired new FT-10 Channel.
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