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Advanced Display units of measurement are incorrect


The units of measurement on the Advanced Display are different from what is displayed in Workstation or Webstation. 


  • Schneider Electric SmartX Controller Advanced Display
  • SBOTechTool


If the language settings on the Advanced Display are not set properly then the units of measurement can be displayed incorrectly. For example, the temperatures in SmartStruxure WorkStation or WebStation may be in degrees Fahrenheit while the Advanced display shows the values in degrees Celsius. 


Insure that the Language used by the Advanced Display is set properly to the region it is located. Note: The SBOTechTool currently supports English, French, Swedish, Finnish, German, and Spanish.

  1. On the Advanced Display, go to Settings. If you are unable to open up settings, make sure the the AD Link app is in the disconnected state first.
  2. Go to Controls > Voice and input methods > Language and input. Verify that the Language is set to match the region that the Advanced Display is located.
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