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After installing WorkPlace Tech, the Purchase program reports that it cannot open the license file.


After installing WorkPlace Tech, the Purchase program is accessed with no issue.  All the information is added including a Field Office Information, Shipping Information, End Customer Information, a WIBS serial number and a Part Number from the Package List. 

When clicking on the Add to Order List button, a pop-up window indicates that the program cannot open the License File.


The license file does not accept any attempts to write to it.


WorkPlace Tech 5.x

Windows 7


A Windows user account setting is preventing proper operation of executable files.


If the user account settings cannot be modified, then right-click on the executable file and select "Run As Administrator". 

Right-click on the executable file and go to Properties > Advanced and select the checkbox for "Run As Administrator".  This applies the "Run As Administrator" setting always.  Now just double-clicking on the executable file is sufficient.

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