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After upgrading the firmware in a MNB-1000 controller, a pop-up window identified an 'Error 15' but the controller seemed to operate without issue. Is this error a concern?


Prior to installing an older MNB-1000 (sitting in the office unused), the firmware was updated to the most recent release.  Right at the completion of the upgrade, an 'Error 15' occurred.  However, a power cycle of the controller seemed to reset it.  The firmware revision was correct.  A database was installed successfully and the controller communicated with the WorkPlace Commissioning Tool.

What does 'Error 15' signify and is it enough of a concern to not install it on a jobsite?


MNB controllers

WorkPlace Commissioning Tool


Error 15 indicates that WorkPlace Commissioning Tool could not determine if the controller restarted.


Since a connection was possible after the firmware upgrade and a power cycle, then the MNB-1000 is fine to continue to use.

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