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Alarm Routing configuration to 2 servers for a Sigma - StruxureWare Building Operation transition


Correct alarm routing configuration when using both Sigma and StruxureWare Building Operation together following a transition


Sigma and StruxureWare Building Operation transition


This article is to show the correct configuration when sending alarms to both the Sigma Client and StruxureWare Building Operation following a transition.


In addition to the main Sigma Server add the ES server as a Server (node) on the Sigma network. We recommend using the actual ES server name. In the example below Server 101 is the Sigma Server and Server 102 is the ES


Manually add a dummy Sigma Client for the ES and assign the ES server to the client


Check the settings for the existing Sigma Server


Add both clients to the routesets to enable alarms to be sent to both servers. Download the routeset.rec and att.set files to all outstations

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