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Alarm does not log on Workstation until restart. Error: "You cannot access this application: c:\program files\continuum\AccVideoRecordingSrvc.exe "


Alarm generated on the point or EventEnrollment can be seen, but the alarm is not logged on the Workstation. The alarm cannot be seen in the Active alarm viewer, meanwhile, an error prompt pops up frequently that says "You can't access AccVideoRecordingsrvc.exe." Restarting Continuum, allows the user to see the previous alarms log on, but new alarms don't work.


LAN system

Continuum 1.93


AccVideoRecordingSrvc.exe has a problem.


Copy a new AccVideoRecordingSrvc.exe to correct:

  1. Close Continuum CyberStation
  2. From the Continuum install CD, Cyberstation1.93\Continuum\, copy the file Accvideorecordingsrvc.exe and paste it into the Continuum install directory. Default is C:\Program Files\Continuum
  3. Restart Continuum and test the alarm
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