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Alarm list texts are too small to read in Webstation and there's too much space between the cells


On large screens, the alarm texts in the alarm list can seem too small to read properly




Depending on the resolution, the size of texts will seem larger or smaller. Also, though the text is actually the same as the size used in Workstation, it seems that Workstation represents the text in a clearer way.


All styling of Webstation is done with style sheets (CSS files) and can be changed at your own risk. PSS doesn't support changing these files.

[1] Browse to the styles folder (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\TACVistaWeb519\Style\Default) where "519" in this case is the version of Vista installed, and "Default" is the style selected in Webstation Settings.

[2] Make a copy of the file "AlarmListPage.css" and store it in a safe location.

[3] Edit the file "AlarmListPage.css" with e.g. notepad or another clear text editor (don't use MS Word or similar)

[4] Here are two different style options. You can make your own.

     [4a] To change the font size for everything in the alarm list, go to row 16 and change "x-small" to "small"


     [4b] To only change alarm text rows but leave the title size, goto line 54, and add an extra line here "font-size small;"


     [4c] To reduce the space between the actual texts in the alarm list and the cell borders, change line 51 to 0px and line 52 to 1px


[5] Save the file, and reload the page. You might need to manually chose to reload the web page, for the change to actually go through






All texts set to "small"


Only alarm text rows set to small, and spacing lowered

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