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Alarm response time


What are the alarm response times for StruxureWare Building Operation


StruxureWare Building Operation site


Requesting information concerning response times and maximum periods. Need to know when the response is met and provide a written description of the way in which they are met.

Time from initiation of an alarm at the source to the annunciation on the engineering StruxureWare Building Operation server:
Critical alarms (Plant Shutdown and Safety) <2 seconds
Non critical alarms <4 seconds

Time from initiation of an alarm to all other BACnet devices to StruxureWare Building Operation server:
Critical alarm 20ms
Non critical alarms 20ms

Time from initiation of a change of state or value to all Lon devices to StruxureWare Building Operation Server:


We have a requirement that says the following:

The time from when a value, monitored by an alarm, passes the trigger value of the alarm, until the alarm is visible in a WorkStation logged onto the parent Enterprise Server shall be:
- less than 1000 ms in average over 20 measurements
-maximum 2000 ms for each measurement

This requirement applies to the Performance Target System.
This includes any multi-server environment and also if the value is out on a Lon device, BACnet device or any other device we support.

The above requirement is met. We also don’t have different response-priorities for critical and non-critical alarms in StruxureWare Building Operation, they are treated the same.


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