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Alarms stay in the alarm view, they cannot be acknowledged, and do not clear


Changing the name of a folder under which there is an active alarm, causes an incorrect "Source" path in the alarm message


Detected in version 1.7.1



If a folder name is changed it will be correctly updated, but if an active alarm is located  in its sub-folders , then the alarm source path will not be updated.

Initial alarm before the folder name is changed, notice the source ...... FF IV/Trendloggar ......

The alarm after the folder name has been changed FF IV TEST, the / between FF IV TEST and Trendloggar is missing.

If the alarm has not been acknowledged, and clears a second entry for the alarm is displayed in the alarm view.


Before updating a StuxureWare Building Operation folder name, check to see if there are any active alarms with a source path that use this folder. If there are, try to clear these alarms.

If a StuxureWare Building Operation folder name has been changed and there are alarms in the alarm view which cannot be cleared, then use the "Recheck" command to clear them.

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