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All Inputs Read 1000 Degrees


I2867 inputs all read 1000 Degrees. Change out of controller does not remedy the issue.


All Infinet/MSTP controllers


Field controllers have an electrical range that they will properly operate. Typically this is +10% and -15% of the required power as described in the installation manual. If the power supplied to the unit is below this threshold, the CPU and power LEDs may appear normal, however the inputs and outputs will not function properly or at all. They are out of range. This situation must be remedied or damage can also occur. One way this can occur is if a properly grounded secondary transformer is not supplied. Supplying power from a piece of equipment that uses a step down 220/208-24 etc power supply can cause electrical issues should that equipment experience electrical problems.


Supply proper, grounded 24Vac power to the controllers. Always check the power with a multi-meter and verify grounding.

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