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All binds on I/NET converted TGML Graphics show as unresolved


Bindings on every I/NET point in a converted graphic show the Server 1 instead of the correct server name


StuxureWare Building Operation Workstation

I/NET 2.42 or higher


The INET Interface path parameter set in the Export INET Graphics to TGML converter does not revert to default after each conversion.  

If the parameter is set to:

/Server 1/INET Interface

All binds will use that path even if the Server is named 'Building 1'


OPTION 1 - Reconvert Graphics

Change the INET Interface path to reflect the correct location. The most common is:

~/INET Interface

The '~' symbol points the remainder of the path to the Server that the user is logged into during the import. If the user is not logged into the correct server, this may cause errors.

INET Interface is the default name of the I/Net Interface but can be changed.

For a site where the I/NET interface is named 'INET' and the Server is name 'Enterprise Server' the INET interface path could be set to:

/Enterprise Server/INET



Option 2 - Change Server Name

If every path on the I/NET interface references the incorrect server name:

  1. Change the Server Name to match the bindings
  2. Verify that the bindings now function with the matching Server Name
  3. Change the Server Name back to the desired name. The bindings should follow the name change.
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