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All inputs on an Infinet controller read 999.99 when viewing the electrical value (elecvalue).


All inputs on an Infinet controller read 999.99 when viewing the electrical value (elecvalue).


Infinet Controller


This indicates that the internal voltage reference is out of range.


  • Verify that inputs coming from external transducers are not exceeding the voltage input range, either 5 or 10 volts depending on model, if so use a voltage divider on the input. 
  • Verify that any input wiring is not run in the same conduit as high voltage cable, or is properly shielded and grounded. If there is voltage getting coupled into the input wiring, separate the input wiring from the interference, or shield the cables. If the interference is being caused by the end device such as an auxiliary contact from a high voltage device, a cap between .01 and 1 microfarads across the input terminal to earth ground may alleviate the problem.
  • Remove field I/O wiring from the controller and recheck operation. If the problem goes away determine which I/O wire is the culprit and correct it.
  • Power down the Infinet controller and restart while connected to network. This will eliminate this unit having a duplicate ID on the network and it will also run the power up diagnostics. 
  • Verify proper grounding at the Infinet controller on the AC power terminals, poor grounding can cause erratic operation and communication problems. Easiest method to verify ground is to connect a digital voltmeter between the earth ground terminal on the power strip of the controller and the shield of the Infinet. This method will only work if you have connected your shields all through the network back to the Infilink and CX controller.
  • Lastly, a board or controller replacement may be necessary
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