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Allowing Remote shutdown of TACLIC TAC License server in Vista 5.1.8


By default, you are not allowed to shut down/restart the TACLIC/TAC License server when logging in to the Flexnet license admin web application from another PC than local.


TAC Vista versions 5.1.8 and higher, using the web based TACLIC tool. 


A remote shutdown/restart is required when adding/removing/editing license files in the License Files folder.


The following steps should be done on the PC where the license server is located:

In the "server.xml" file located in the "conf" catalogue (...\License Server\conf), edit the following string from " stopServerRemoteAllowed="false" "  to  " stopServerRemoteAllowed="true" "

Then save the file and restart the license server.


The setting can also easily be changed using the tool called "TACLicenseServer Settings"

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