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Always have SNVT on the top level in the application, and not in HFB


New SNVTs are not always added in the end of the XIF-file when using HFB-blocks.


  • TAC Menta
  • TAC Xenta Programmable Controllers
  • Xenta 280, Xenta 281, Xenta 282, Xenta 283, Xenta 300, Xenta 301, Xenta 302, Xenta 401, Xenta 401:B


When using HFB-blocks in TAC Menta, the HFB will only be in the application file, and will never be sent down to the device. However, all the blocks belonging to an HFB will be stored together in the application file, this means that if you add a SNVT inside an HFB, it will not always be added last in the XIF-file.


When program SNVT in TAC Menta, always put the SNVT on the top level in TAC Menta, and not inside an HFB block.

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