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An error message "Cannot process DB Admin command; connection refused" is displayed when attempting to back up a Niagara R2 UNC station using the DB Admin "...


An error message "Cannot process DB Admin command; connection refused" is displayed when attempting to back up a Niagara R2 UNC station using the DB Admin "Get" function. All other DB Admin commands also return the same error message.


I/A Series R2 station


This error occurs when the HTTP port for the UNC has been changed.


In order to correct this, add a line in the file that references the new port number. Edit this file using the Admin Tool, as follows:

where 'xxxx' is the same http port number changed in the station.  Be sure to type in the line with the capitalization as shown.

  1. If not already done, open the Admin Tool and log into the host that contains the station with the changed http port
  2. Right-click the station name (not the host name or address) and select Edit > Properties
  3. Add a line to the file that reads:  httpPort=xxxx
  4. From the file menu, choose File > Close.  If any changes were made, save them or, otherwise, the window closes.
  5. If prompted to save your changes, click Yes to save your changes. The file saves and the window closes.
  6. To enable the change, stop and start the station and verify that it is running.
  7. Test the functionality of the new port by initiating a database conversion.  If the error message is received, verify that the httpPort line was added correctly.

For more information, consult the Niagara Networking and Connectivity Guide.

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