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Aperion Integration getting Invalid Attempt


Reading a card on a new door and getting an Invalid Attempt in the Events Window.


Continuum version 1.94 and above using the Aperio Assa Abloy integration.


Controller running an older version of firmware as well as the version of X Driver.


To resolve the issue, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Verify that the card being used is in the database and that it does have access to the necessary door.
  2. In Continuum Explorer Window, right click the controller, select open, verify that the firmware version for the NCII if older than 2.100035 and the ACX 57XX 1.101038, then upgrade to this version. The driver is now fully supported in the ACX5740/20 firmware version 1.100042 and NCII version 2.100041 available on the Exchange site.
  3. Right Click on Comm port 1 for the ACX 57XX and Comm 2 for the NCII and verify that the latest version of X Builder is running, which is Aperio2ndGen_100022. If you don't have this then please send an e-mail to the COE support group.
  4. Once all firmware have been upgraded and re-sent to the controller, retry the card again at the door. A Valid Entry should be given once the door has been opened.
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