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Apply an offset to Universal Inputs on the Xenta 102-AX


Apply an offset to Universal Inputs (U1, U3) on the Xenta 102-AX


Xenta 102-AX


Universal inputs U1, U3 on the Xenta 102-AX can be configured to read in several different data types.  Applying a software offset may be required to calibrate the reading for certain settings.


For the following signals, use the listed SCPTs to offset the inputs:

  1. Universal Input 1 set to Duct Temperature use
  2. Universal Input 3 set to CO2 Sensor use
  3. Universal Input 3 set to OA Temp. Sensor use

Hint:  For SCPToffsetTemp used with °F, first double-click the value to open the Edit Properties window and change the units to "°F, diff."  This will zero out the 32° offset and allow you to use the value as a temperature differential.

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