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Are the LCX890 lighting controller range still available?


Can replacement RR9 lighting relays still be purchased?


LCX89x Infinet Lighting controller range


Products not listed in the Catalogue or on the Extranet


LCX890 range are still available, but only until December 31st 2013 and only with the RR9 relays (not RR7).

Click here for the Product announcement.

Originally the range was available with either General Electric RR7 (with no feedback) or RR9 relays (with feedback and LED indicators), now only the RR9 range are available until the end of the year.

The LCX890 has 8 outputs with RR9 relays,   Part # 01-0008-036
The LCX891 has 16 outputs with RR9 relays, Part # 01-0008-039
The LCX892 has 24 outputs with RR9 relays, Part # 01-0008-042
The LCX898 has 48 outputs with RR9 relays, Part # 01-0008-083

Also individual RR9 replacement relays can be ordered part # 01-0100-300

A faulty RR7 relay could be replaced by a new RR9 relay even if the feedback and LED indicators are not required.

These parts can be seen on the U.S iPortal website.

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