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Are there any restrictions on installing Continuum controllers in high altitude locations?


Have a site that is located at 4000m + above sea level and concerned that they may be affected by being located at this high altitude.


Continuum controllers


Specification sheets for Continuum controllers do not specify altitude in Operation Environment.


We do not do any specific testing for this but there should be no problems with our controllers working at different altitudes. 

The only controllers that need any special considerations are VAV controllers that have an on-board Differential Pressure sensor for calculating Airflow. The Kavlico Airflow Sensor itself is not affected by altitude but the factor in the airflow calculation will need to be modified. User programs which convert Pressure readings to Air Velocity WILL be affected; there is a factor in this calculation which will change, depending on altitude. The VAV box manufacturers should be able to provide more detail on what this needs to be at your specific sites elevation.

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