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Attempts to change Controllers IP address fails and unable to reset to default IP address


Controllers IP address needs to be changed but any attempt to do so results in the IP address reverting back to what it was previously configured for.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • Continuum
  • CX9702
  • BCX controllers
  • NC2 controllers
  • ACX57xx controllers


The Controller has hit the Flash writes circuit breaker and is no longer able to save any changes to Flash. This includes updating Device settings such as IP address and ACC Node ID. The controller error log may also contain an error similar to below when attempting to make any such changes.


10/08/2014 19:00:22.00 0x00004406         0x03b76100        0x0004cb68         0x003e2000        0x000007d1

                                        DEVICE_ERR_ERASE_LIMIT      (Flash circuit breaker tripped. CX97XX code base)


One of the two methods to reset the Flash circuit breaker listed below should then allow the controller to write to Flash again.


1. accstatusbackup = accbackupenable
2. INFFlashDisabled.
Create a numeric in the controller with the following name and alias:
A value  greater than 0 usually indicates that the flash circuit breaker had tripped, though in some cases you may find these errors occurring when INFFlashDisabled = 0. In either case, once the value of this numeric is set to 0 and applied,  the flash circuit breaker errors should stop.
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